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ZTL-Trade - The led lighting system for commercial refrigeration equipment

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ZAL - Products and solutions for lighting in advertising constructions

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ZPS - Power supplies for led light sources

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Our news

  • Announcement of the release of the lens modules of the ZAL-3ML series

    Soon, in our range of products for outdoor advertising will add a moisture-proof LED module using a diffusing lens.

    The new line will bear the general name ML (Module with Lens - module with a lens). The first of the series on sale will be lenticular modules-triplets 3ML. In the future, we plan to also release 1ML, 2ML and 4ML (modules with one diode, two diodes and four diodes, respectively).

    LED module with a lens is one of the most popular and popular products on the market of advertising constructions. The reason for this - the versatility and reliability, because with the help of small modules you can highlight almost any light advertisement. Therefore, we pay much attention to reliability and quality of our products, expansion of the assortment, as well as the economic component of the project.

    The approximate start of mass sales is mid-summer. If you are interested in this product, contact us, and you will most likely be able to receive samples earlier or even place a preliminary order.

  • Participation in the exhibition Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf

    Our company this year participated in the annual exhibition of trade and refrigeration equipment Euroshop. This year it takes place from 5 to 9 March in Dusseldorf, Germany.
    The exhibition presented the world's leading brands of equipment for retail and merchandising, as well as related materials and services for this sector. This includes lighting, electricians, technology for various exhibitions and presentations and much more.
    Within the framework of this event, we presented our products to both domestic and foreign manufacturers of trade and refrigeration equipment. This was the first such experience for us, and we were glad to participate in such an important event for the industry. We hope that next year we will come forward with new products and solutions and, as a result, we will find more partners.

  • Start selling solutions for lighting city-formats

    Our company has started designing and producing lighting kits for small format advertising media. This is primarily about a fairly common advertising benches and city-formats.

    Within the framework of this project, we develop individual solutions for the lighting of various designs, depending on their characteristics and the wishes of customers. At the moment, we have already tested a number of lighting kits that have proven themselves as high-quality and reliable in lighting outdoor advertising.

    A set of long-length LED modules ZAL-LM is an excellent opportunity to replace outdated fluorescent lamps or inconvenient small LED modules. In addition, our solutions help significantly simplify the design and reduce the cost of maintenance of structures.

    If you are interested in the fact that we have developed a ready-made solution for lighting your particular structures, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the details.

  • The start of sales of interior modules of the ZAL-3MV series

    Our range of LED products for the illumination of advertising designs has been replenished. The novelty is the light-emitting diode modules of the open type ZAL-3MV.

    The essence of the product is simple - it's the same solid LED ruler on an aluminum base, but recycled into three modules. As a protective factor in their manufacture, lacquer spraying is used. Thanks to it, the degree of protection reaches IP33, which allows the modules to work in conditions of increased dampness and dust pollution.

    The purpose of the modules is to use it in interior designs. This product is excellent for, for example, for interior letter signs, because they are not always convenient to use LED strip. In addition, the modules are more versatile and reliable than the same flexible tape.

    Also from the advantages of 3MV is worth noting the low price, which is achieved due to the constructive simplicity of the product and simple manufacturing technology.